Welcome to the LEAP HR Conference Series

Taking part in an industry-specific LEAP HR event will leave you inspired, energized, and most importantly, ready for action.

We provide a place where ambitious HR leaders can surround themselves with those taking the most radical leaps to achieve people and culture change from within their same industry.

Network with HR leaders tackling the same, industry specific workforce challenges as you, and hear case studies from those who have already transformed HR impact on business performance.

Take a look below to find the conference for your industry:

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November 15-17, 2022

Washington, DC

5 – 7 December 2022

Phoenix, AZ

December 5-7

Dallas, TX

LEAP HR: State & Local Government

This is your unique opportunity to join a nationwide, ready-made support group of the most progressive state & local government HR leaders and to engage in a genuinely disruptive dialogue around how we can challenge traditional thinking to fully prepare our people and our organizations for the next era of work in the public sector.

LEAP HR: Construction

Step inside 30+ examples of brand-new thinking that is enabling construction HR leaders to find new ways to tackle the skills shortage and prepare for the next era of work in an increasingly tight labor market. This is your best opportunity to find out who’s doing what, and how they’re getting it done across large, medium, and small construction firms.

LEAP TA: Healthcare

This is your best opportunity to uncover how the most future-focused healthcare organizations are winning in the fight for high-quality, mission-critical clinical and non-clinical talent. Step inside 20+ case studies of the brand-new strategies that are actively making a difference to finding and inspiring the talent we need for today and tomorrow.

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5 Event Portfolio 

Various dates / locations

February 27 – March 1, 2023

Nashville, TN

February 27 – March 1, 2023

Nashville, TN

LEAP HR: Life Sciences Portfolio

The LEAP HR: Life Sciences forums create an environment where HR leaders can surround themselves with people who are making the biggest LEAPs within their organizations and get the latest thinking on how to achieve that all-important people and culture change.

LEAP HR: Higher Education

Take inspiration from non-traditional HR leaders as they future-proof their institutions with forward-thinking new people strategies. Step inside the innovation that is making an active difference to HR impact across universities and colleges - and leave with the toolkit you need to deliver next-level value to your staff, faculty, and student populations.

LEAP HR: Retail

This conference is your first and best opportunity to uncover how brand-new, non-traditional HR is enabling the most agile retailers to rapidly transform their customer offering and accelerate business transformation. Learn how HR is challenging traditional thinking across retail brands of all types and sizes.

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March 20 - 23, 2023


Returning in 2023


Returning in 2023


LEAP HR: Oil & Energy

Formerly known as LEAP HR: Oil & Gas, this progressive edition of our flagship event has been re-aligned to focus on the HR LEAPs that are enabling oil & energy companies to transition to a low carbon future, to make sure the forum remains as valuable and timely as it has been for 7 years. Join an exclusive community of strategic HR leaders from the most future-ready oil & gas, utilities, and renewables firms!

LEAP HR: Manufacturing

This is your only opportunity to find out who’s doing what, and how they’re getting it done in a highly regulated and industrialized sector. Step inside the scalable, applicable, and future-focused HR strategies that are helping manufacturing organizations adapt to fast-changing operational priorities today and prepare for the industrial and workforce revolution of tomorrow.

LEAP HR: Healthcare

In this conference, we uncover how healthcare organizations are breaking away from traditional HR thinking to find new ways to engage burnt-out employees, dramatically reducing clinical turnover, and attract the new-gen workforce to the healthcare profession. It unites the community of the most innovative healthcare HR leaders for three days of future-focused, strategic content.


Returning in 2023

Returning in 2023

LEAP TA: Construction

This targeted talent acquisition event – LEAP TA: Construction – has been specifically created to address how forward-thinking TA leaders in construction can find, attract and onboard the next-gen, skilled talent they need for project and business-critical results. Participate & connect with a community of the most innovative construction HR & TA leaders for two days of future-focused, strategic dialogue like no other.

LEAP HR: Hospitality

A rare opportunity for people leaders from the hospitality industry to gather as a community to assess the damage inflicted by COVID-19, and to begin to collaborate on the new strategies needed to bounce back and thrive in the new  world. Rethink traditional HR approaches to hiring and retention, discover new strategies to rebuild your workforce, and re-invent what it means to work in hospitality in order re-establish the trust of both employees and guests.